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Graphic code group is a professional dedicated to R & D, production: high-end galvanized steel sheet, color coated steel plate, printed board, coated plate,

Environmental protection indoor and outdoor building materials, indoor doors, and intelligent integrated housing enterprises, the registered capital of 200 million yuan,

Group company under the jurisdiction of Liaoning super Shuo Code Technology Co. Ltd., drawing board Yingkou Panpan super Tech Co. Ltd. Shuo color plating.

The group is located in the coastal industrial base of Liaoning (Yingkou), and the coastal industrial base is the five point and one line economy of the northeast old industrial base

The central region of development is the superposition area of the two strategies of Liaoning coastal economic belt and Shenyang economic zone,

It is the sea route of Shenyang economic zone. It has incomparable advantages over other cities and regions.

The sea transportation is smooth and the transportation is very convenient.

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Careful refinement

Quality is the life of enterprise, depends on the management of enterprise, is the knot of effort and wisdom

Crystal. Huaxing people always adhere to open, excellence, now in a ladder

One step at a time,

Striding up the higher steps.

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The advantages of the code board

It can replace traditional materials to make interior wall decoration

Can replace the traditional materials to do building curtain wall

Can replace traditional materials for building ceiling

Integration of wall decoration and heat insulation

It can replace stone and so on for architectural decoration to save resources

It can improve the safety and lightweight level of building decoration


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Super light plane: 0417-5179118 Panpan

Address: Dashiqiao city water town Panpan Industrial Park

Super light plane: 0417-3351852 graph code

Address: 25 West Branch Garden Road, Yingkou

Contact: bell lock

Cell phone number: 13898746620